Crotch Monkey

swimsuit with removable pouch

It is time to be proud and let your inner crotch monkey free. Visit any happening beach or any cranking pool party and you will notice lot's of men wearing hot bikinis, thongs, micro shorts and other form fitting extreme swimwear designs. This is way more than a trend with sexy swimwear going mainstream the last couple of seasons. Wearing a bikini every bit as small as your girlfriends bikini is good to go and something that will make your inner crotch monkey very happy. There are hundreds of different designs that have become popular with spandex freaks all over the world. Bikinis and thongs along with micro shorts are the go to suits but there are many other designs making inroads. One of the most popular styles to come along is also considered on of the most extreme swimwear fashion ever offered for men. These are the stunning new male to female transformation designs. They repackage the penis and make it in to a lovely little pussy, some with lips and all.(these designs reshape the balls into the lips) The are not only extremely realistic, they are extremely sexy and extremely erotic.

The male form or penis pouch style as seen to the right is a very popular option for men no matter what size penis you have. This pouch is for someone that is medium to large but there are many pouches designs to show off even the smallest penises. Tiny, small, medium, large or extreme large you should always be proud of your cock and willing to show it off like a good crotch monkey.

Micro pouch men's swimsuit

On the other end of the spectrum are the male to female transformation style pouches, this one to the right is a smooth look femme style pussy pouch. Other designs show small to full lips like camel toes with no hint what so ever of the wearer having a penis. These designs let men get in touch with their most feminine side.

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